Adult chat for nerds

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By Caerley Hill Geeks, nerds, dorks, dweebs ‒ whatever you want to label the technically inclined, you can’t deny that the geek is chic or nerdy by nature culture is here. The media helped shape the iconic tape-on-the-glasses, DND-player that we think of when someone says geek or nerd.

But the IT pro has traditionally been up there among the images that come to mind for a geek or nerd.

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If you are a subscriber, simply log in for unlimited access.However, these days, being unconventional is cool, and smart is sexy (though we think it’s always been), giving new street cred to the smarty-pants. While we can’t find any voted-on, written-in-ink guidelines, we’ve always thought a geek’s core characteristic was technical skills, while a nerd earned his or her title from social awkwardness.To us, geeks tend to enjoy heavy social sharing (it could be argued that geeks turned ‘Instagramming’ into a verb), they haven’t met an ironic graphic tee that they won’t wear and they’ve got every latest tech gadget in their back pocket and the social wherewithal to chat you up about it.“Not every otaku is into PCs, but a lot of them are, and somewhere along the way they tend to get good at fixing them,” explained one 28-year-old otaku who works a variety of odd jobs.“We can get your PC running again faster and cheaper than the repair shop.” 2.

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